Mistress of Mirths COMEDY Tour (signed copy)


Part C.O.M.E.D.Y* Tour, Completely Novel and Extremely Droll.

The joke sequence inaugurates in a department store, continues in the homewares section, is nestled between tchotchkes and Droll Dolls then carried through laneways of Melbourne into the combative world of live, amateur stand-up comedy.

Follow the HA HA Flags so you are not lost in quagmire of invective that has been directed at funny women for a millennium.

C.OM.E.D.Y Tour merchandise is sold separately.
Short stories told throughout the Tour use the call back function of joke telling itself and are funny if only they weren’t true.

C.O.M.E.D.Y – Call Out Male Entitlement Daily Y’all – Because She’s Funny – Period.

'Balances being wittily playful with form and presenting an intelligent and perceptive argument about the problems women have faced in entering the sphere of stand-up comedy.' Dr Oliver Double University of Kent UK

'Akin to genius.' Angela Savage CEO Public Libraries Victoria